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Wheelchair parts and components for wheelchairs that you need to replace on your existing wheelchair. We have every wheelchair part in our 22 Thousand Square Foot warehouse ready to ship to your door. The best deals on any wheelchair parts, tools, equipment, hardware, accessory, even wheelchairs. We are Wheelchair Parts.com & with 40 years of experience, we know our wheelchair parts.

If you’re wondering where to find wheelchair parts you’ve come to the right place. We’re showing you the best locations to find Wheelchair Parts. There are website specifically setup to help you find the wheelchair part you’re looking for. At WheelchairParts.com your options are easy to find and figure out. All you need to know is a few measurements of the wheelchair part you’re looking for and their website will easily guide you to the correct part. We will run you threw a few quick examples.

  • Looking for a wheelchair arm pad?

Padded Wheelchair Armrests

  • Find out if you need a full or desk length armpad


Full Length Padded Armrest Desk Length Padded Armrest


  • Then figure out the proper hole spacings on the bottom. If you’ve measured correctly & followed the categories properly, you should find the armpad that you are looking for!

Hole Spacings

Another good example would be a wheelchair bearing. We’re going to show you the measurments that you would need to learn to properly find the wheelchair bearing that you need.

  • OD – Outside Diameter – This is the measurement of the side of the bearing with no lip or “flange”.
  • Flange – This is the measurement of the bearing on the side with the lip. (not all bearings have a flange)
  • ID – Inside Diameter – This is the measurement of distance between the whole in the middle of your wheelchair bearings
Wheelchair Parts

If you are still unable to find the correct part that you’re looking for, fill out our easy online form. Enter the model & serial number of the wheelchair that you are looking to find a part on, tell us which part that would be, and we will do the work and find the wheelchair part for you. We even have a great customer service support team to help. No matter what the situation is, WheelchairParts.com will find the right part for you!

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