Wheelchairs From WheelchairParts & Ocelco

When you buy wheelchairs we hope your taking a good look at the service your getting with your purchase. We’ll show companies that treat you right.

Wheelchairs From WheelchairParts & Ocelco
Ocelco, Inc. was made into a business in 1974. The main goal of this newly built business was making durable, quality, cost effective wheelchairs for everyone and anyone who needed it. You can trust the people who have been making these wheelchairs and getting used to each part and accessory that has been coming on & off of the market for close to 40 years! These people are knowledgeable and are able to help all of their customers out.

WheelchairParts is a recent website branched from Ocelco, Inc. Ocelco knows everything there is to know about a wheelchair & their parts already, they decided to give their wheelchair parts part of the website a new design. People have already claimed it is much easier to figure out what they need and how to find it.

We hope we’ve given you some help and you can find your way to one of the best places to get easy facts & information on wheelchairs, and to gain trust with the people that you are ordering from. We know you will.

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