Wheelchair Transfer Boards

Wheelchair Transfer Boards make getting wheelchair users in and out of their wheelchair easier. We’re showing different styles and types of transfer boards.

Wheelchair Transfer Boards

Show product details for Plastic Transfer Board - 8" x 27-1/8"Show product details for Plastic Transfer Board - 8" x 27-1/8"Show product details for Wood Transfer Board - 8" x 30"Show product details for Bariatric Wood Transfer Board - 12" x 29"Show product details for Beasy II Trans Transfer Board - 27 1/2"  LongShow product details for Beasy Trans Transfer Board - 40" Long

There are a few different styles of wheelchair transfer boards. All of them recommend a transfer belt. There are wooden transfer boards that are used for bigger transfers, and Beasy transfer boards for smaller areas like bathroom transfers. These Transferring systems have never made it easier to help get someone from one place to another.

Transferring From Your Wheelchair
When transferring someone from there wheelchair to a transfer board, make sure your board is securely placed. Next, make sure the wheelchair is securely locked.  Then you can begin the process of helping the wheelchair user get from the wheelchair to the transfer board. After that you can easily get he or she to or from where they are or have been going.

Transfer Board Features
Each one of these boards has different features to pride itself in. Some are very sturdy for bariatric use. Others are meant for a regular weight holding capacity and some of these are easier to use. Certain styles of these transfer boards let you sit in one spot and slide you to the other end of the board. Look at all of our transfer boards to figure out which one will work the best for you.

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