Wheelchair Maintenance

Wheelchair maintenance tools, parts, and everything that you will ever need to fix, repair, and help with any kind of wheelchair maintenance you need us to.

Wheelchair Maintenance
One of the easiest ways to save money when it comes to wheelchairs is to fix the broken ones yourself. WheelchairParts.com has all the wheelchair maintenance tools you need to fix your wheelchair, as well as the parts needed to do it. When fixing different parts you may find that you will need a few different tools. We have a bearing / axle spoke gauge measuring tool, I.D. O.D. Gauges, Spoke Wrenches, Hex Key Wrench Sets, and many other wheelchair maintenance tools that you will need.

Wheelchair Maintenance Tools
Wheelchair Maintenance Tips
In order to keep your wheelchair in pristine condition you should give me an inspection at the very minimum once a month. This will allow you to tighten all of the loosening bolts and screws. Make sure that nothing is getting cracked and double check that your tires do not have any cracks or serious wear and tear on them.

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