Wheelchair Grips Caps and Plugs

Wheelchair Grips Caps and Plugs are mostly inexpensive products. Products that are inexpensive aren’t looked at for quality, but they should be.

Wheelchair Grips Caps and Plugs


Even though wheelchair grips caps and plugs are so inexpensive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compare them and find ones that are more durable, long lasting, comfortable, and yes even more inexpensive than others.

Wheelchair Caps
Wheelchair caps come in many different sizes. You need to match up the sizes of tubing on your kick tube and the front rigging of your wheelchair.

Wheelchair Grips
There are many different grips on your wheelchair that you will need. Hand grips, Brake & Wheel Lock Grips, Legrest Release Lever Grips, Kick Tube Foot Grips, & More! Make sure that you measure the sizes correctly.

Wheelchair Plugs
Wheelchair Plugs are to be used for the front rigging bumper, wheelchair arms, and tubing.

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