Wheelchair Cushions

Aire Elite Wheelchair Cushions utilize technology that offers dynamic positioning and posture stability resulting in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Aire Elite Wheelchair Cushions provide unparalleled pressure relief, comfort, and mobility and are available in various sizes and colors. Each air cell of the wheelchair cushion is interconnected yet independent, allowing for increased blood flow at high-pressure points necessary for healthy skin maintenance. Aire Elite cushions are made of a unique tri-laminate material consisting of neoprene encased natural rubber that provides high durability while maintaining a superior level of flexibility, softness, and comfort.

Aire Elite Wheelchair Cushion

Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushions add comfort to any chair and provides a complete seating solution to meet your needs in various sizes, styles, colors, and materials. Wheelchair Cushions maximize pressure distribution, protecting skin, providing support, stabilizing, and positioning the body to relieve and prevent pressure ulcers. The multiple options in Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushions include those with memory foam, gel foam, cushions with polymer bladders, donut coccyx cushions, and seat wedges.

Obtain the relief of a Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion to help you stay comfortable through the day; you can choose a material, whether you prefer a more firm memory foam cushion or a gel foam cushion. There are to fit a variety of different seat sizes. Premium materials and positioning components create a low maintenance and highly customizable seating solutions. With so many options available, you’re sure to find a wheelchair cushion to fit your individual needs.

Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion’s are specifically designed to redistribute pressure to assist in preventing pressure ulcers while providing patient comfort. The gel cushions comfort sore and sensitive areas with superior weight distribution ability and durability, improving pressure point relief.

Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushions come in various styles and sizes, offering multiple colors and fabric options. Ocelco’s Gel-Foam Folding Cushion is constructed of FuturaGel Swirl Memory Foam Technology and comes with a built-in strap to prevent the folding cushion from moving or falling off the wheelchair. Kabooti Donut Coccyx Cushion combines the best features of a donut ring, coccyx cushion, and seat wedge to provide a complete seating solution and construct one-piece molded support foam. Drive “E” Gel Wheelchair Cushion’s high-density foam encapsulates a viscous gel bladder that provides proper immersion and envelopment for pressure redistribution. The Gel U Seat Wheelchair Cushion features high-density foam encapsulating a dual-chamber gel bladder. Gel Flotation Wheelchair Cushion is the ultimate flotation for preventing and treating decubitus problems and maximum seat comfort.

Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion
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