Wheelchair Anti-Tippers

Wheelchair Anti-Tippers

wheelchair anti-tippers


Wheelchair anti-tippers are essential for any wheelchair user that is at risk of tipping the chair over. Safety is priority in every situation. Wheelchair anti-tippers can prevent possibly devastating injuries caused by a wheelchair tipping over. There are many different anti-tippers available to you so we are going to go over your top few selections.

Rear Wheelchair Anti-Tippers

bumper anti-tipper

Bumper Anti-Tipper

wheeled anti-tipper

Wheeled Anti-Tipper






Rear anti-tippers are the most common style of anti-tipper. They work very well and will prevent your wheelchair from tipping over backwards. you have two options when it comes to rear wheelchair anti-tippers. Either use a wheeled or bumper anti-tipper.

When choosing the proper anti-tipper for you, be sure that you look at the tubing size. This is going to be the factor in whether or not the anti-tipper that you have chosen will connect onto your wheelchair. If you cannot figure out how to measure this properly we suggest Universal Anti-Tippers.

Universal Anti-Tippers

universal anti-tippers

Universal anti-tippers will work on any manual wheelchair. They work by using mounting plates that you attach onto the wheelchair instead of using the poles already on the chair. You can find universal anti-tippers here. They come with all the hardware you will need to install universal anti-tippers to your wheelchair, as well as proper instructions.

Front Anti-Tippers

Front Anti-Tippers

Front anti-tippers are ideal for any wheelchair user who have problems with tipping their wheelchair forward. This is another safety solution to a serious problem. Front anti-tippers can prevent serious injury to wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Anti-Tippers Recap

These are the main types of wheelchair anti-tippers. The only other variations of anti-tippers are clamp on anti-tippers vs push button anti-tippers. Each of those styles require you to learn the specific sized tubing on your wheelchair. Finding the proper measurement will assure you that your anti-tippers will fit onto your wheelchair. View a wide variety of wheelchair anti-tippers here.

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