Walking Aids

Ocelco has a complete line of mobility equipment and walking aids for sale, including Canes, Crutches, Walkers, Rollators, and Specialty Walking Aids. Ocelco wants to take you through all of your options regarding walking aids, and there are many of them.

Our Walking Aid Products

Canes & Quad Canes are adjustable and versatile. Our aluminum canes are very strong and come in different styles. These walking canes for elderly and disabled patients come in various heights from 30” to 39” and have a weight capacity of 250 lb. Our canes feature a cushioned grip and wrist strap for comfort and added protection. The quad cane has a triangular shape grip and a flat top which reduces hand stress. Left or right-handed person can use the quad cane, and the cane is lightweight and adjustable.

Canes & Quad Canes

Crutches – Ocelco has Underarm Crutches and Forearm Crutches for sale in many styles, sizes, and colors. We have both Wooden or Aluminum style underarm crutches for sale. Choose the forearm crutch that meets your needs. We have many colors and styles available for our forearm crutches. From children to adult sizes, your sure to find the size that best fits your needs. We also have a complete line of crutch accessories, such as replacement tips and pads for your crutches. Need to repair your crutch? We have the supplies to help.


Walkers – Ocelco carries a full line of standard, specialty, pediatric, and heavy-duty walkers for disabled adults and children, from Drive, Invacare, Guardian, and many more manufactures. We also have a complete line of walker add-ons and accessories. We have many different styles, shapes, and types of medical walkers for sale, depending on your needs. Some of our specialty walkers include Knee Walkers, Stair Walkers, Side Walkers, and many more. Accessories include Wheel Attachments, Tennis Ball Glide Attachments, Glide Skis, Bags, and much more.


Rollators – Ocelco provides medical rolling walkers and rollators to aid your safety and mobility. Choose from a variety of medical rollators, including the standard 3 and 4 wheel rollators, designer and specialty rollators, as well as pediatric rolling walkers for young adults. Give yourself additional stability with a 3 wheel rollator or the standard 4 wheel rollator to improve safety and mobility for your short or long-term disability.


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