Triangular Tablet Counter

This Triangular Tablet Counter is very easy to use and makes counting your pills very easy due to it’s design. the Triangular Tablet Counter counts for you!

Triangular Tablet Counter
This great pill counter makes it easy to count your pills. Laying your pills out on the Triangular Tablet Counter is all you have to do to start counting your pills.

Triangular Tablet Counter

Once your pills are fully and properly lined up in the triangular tablet counter there are numbers on the side of this easy to use pill counter that show you exactly how many pills are in the pill counter. Any size spherical or cylindrical shaped tablet will work in the counter.

The amount of rows and tablets the counter holds depends on the size of the tablets. The chart calculates 22 rows holding 253 tablets.

7-1/4″ sides (184mm) with the two sides having 1/2″H (13mm) border.

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