Trays and Over-Bed Tables

You have many different options when selecting the correct tray and over-bed table. Different brands, styles and types come with different helpful features.

The Features of Trays and Over-Bed Tables

Economy Overbed Table, Non-Tilt

As we described, over-bed tables come with many different options and features. Standard over-bed tables come with an adjustable height option. Other trays and over-bed tables have advanced features such as tilt tops

Tilt-Top Overbed Table

There are even tables with a pivoting bar option for hard to reach areas, especially ideal for lower beds and wheelchairs.

Pivot & Tilt Overbed Table

Some trays and over-bed tables specialize for uses in lift chairs, standard recliners, and couches.

Overbed Table for Lift Chairs, Standard Recliners, or CouchesSwing-Away Over-Bed Table

Trays and Over-Bed Tables Recap

There are a few things to make sure of even when you think you have found the correct tray or over-bed table for you. You should like at height measurements of each style that your looking into and make sure that they make the correct requirements for the furniture you plan on using them in. Tray tables have even more styles and options then we have shown here. You can take a look at many more options, styles and types on other websites such as Ocelco. Ocelco also have tabletop accessories such as add-on compartments and replacements tray and over-bed table tops.

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