The Ultimate Guide to Disposable Products

The Ultimate Guide to Disposable Products is a comprehensive resource offering detailed product and information to improve your environment.

Ocelco ultimate guide to disposable products.

Disposable Scrub Tops and Pants

Disposable Scrub Tops is a multilayer SMS material for comfort and fluid resistant. Designed for hospital use, and patients can wear them during medical tests for convenience. Latex-free, it is safe to use if your skin is sensitive or allergic to natural rubber latex. The multilayer construction provides an added layer of protection, while the breathable fabric ensures comfort even during extended wear.

Scrub Top

Disposable Scrub Pants are made from a breathable multilayer material for coverage and comfort. The scrub pants are a lightweight, breathable, and fluid-resistant material.┬áScrub Pants are an essential part of every healthcare professional’s wardrobe. Made from high-quality materials, these scrub pants are not only comfortable but also offer exceptional durability to withstand the demands of daily.

Scrub Pants

Safe-Touch Vinyl Exam Gloves

Safe-Touch Vinyl Exam Gloves Powder Free Gloves offer protection from contaminants and a comfortable fit without the risks commonly associated with latex. The gloves have a minimum thickness of 2 mil. to ensure added tactile sensitivity and elasticity. Ideal for a wide range of healthcare, professional, and food service environments. Each pair of Safe-Touch Vinyl Exam Gloves encompasses more than just protective gear; they encapsulate peace of mind, comfort, and precision.

Exam Gloves

Sharps Containers for Safe Disposal

Sharps Containers are durable, puncture-resistant containers designed for the safe disposal of used medical needles and other medical instruments. The lightweight containers feature wide openings that accommodate larger syringes and allow for a horizontal drop to maximize container volume. The translucent lid lets the user monitor content volume to avoid overfilling.

Sharps Container

SannyTize Instant Hand Sanitizer

SannyTize Instant Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-based disinfectant gel that eliminates more than 99% of germs and bacteria. The liquid formula evaporates completely in just a few seconds. The sanitizer is infused with aloe vera to help soothe and moisturize skin. A variety of Dynarex SannyTize products are currently available; including pump bottles, to-go packets, textured wipes, and more.

Hand Sanitizer

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