Sure-Chek Shower Curtains

Ocelco’s self-made Sure-Chek Shower Curtains work have many different advantages compared to regular shower curtains. What advantages do these sure-chek shower curtains have? They are flame resistant, heavily stain resistant, and so much more. We are going to go over more advantages in great detail.

Sure-Chek Shower Curtains

Sure-Chek Shower Curtains

Heavy Stain Resistance – Making these shower curtains heavily stain resistant give the sure-chek curtains a serious advantage over almost every regular shower curtain out there. almost any oil, grease, orĀ contaminant area can be easily wiped off with nothing more than soap & water or mild cleanser. With these curtains you can always maintain a clean & fresh look.

Odor Resistant – Don’t worry about getting any scents stuck into the Sure-Chek shower curtains. They have been treated to resist bacterial odors and all other odors are seriously decreased due to the active protection.

Durability – The actual Sure-Chek fabric is incredibly strong, durable, and is able to withstand severe wear, tear, and abuse. this means your get an extended curtain life.

Economical – Low replacement costs, less inventory, minimal care & maintenance all add up to true economy.

Sure-Chek shower curtains come in many different lengths and are already the national bestseller for healthcare facilities. Sure-chek shower curtains do not disappoint and will be hanging in your shower for a very long time. Checkout some places to buy.

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