Sure-Chek Fabric Material

Sure-Chek fabric material is Stain Resistant, Antistatic, Odor Resistant, Durable, Antimicrobial, Decorative  & Economical. We’ll show you all features.

Sure-Chek Fabric Material

Sure-Chek Fabric Material

There are many benefits of this incredible material and we want to go over each and every unique advantage that this fabric gives you. Beyond the benefits, the Sure-Chek name is growing larger and larger as there fabric and material gains popularity. This material is used for many different things do to its overall effectiveness. People are even making custom Sure-Chek material for virtually anything due to it’s amazing benefits. It doubles the standard  for any incontinence material with custom order forms from Ocelco, you can make wheelchair cushion covers, bed rail pads, even shower curtains! You have to try out this incredible fabric material yourself!

The Benefits Of Sure-Chek Fabric Material

Full Length Sure-Chek

Stain Resistance
Sure-Chek fabric material is one of the strongest & most durable fabrics out there, it repels any stain you can think of. You’ll never have to worry about oil, grease, or other bad contaminants getting stained into your fabric material.

Odor Resistance
Yes this fabric repels odors as well as stains. No matter what kind of smell this material has been around, it will not carry into the next room its used. This fabric has even been specially treated to resist bacterial oders. Made to constantly release an antimicrobial agent to the fabric of the surface, the treatment is effective throughout the life of the fabric material.

Find Even More Sure-Chek Fabric Material Benefits

If you like what you’ve read, you haven’t even scratched the surface of all of the benefits the Sure-Chek fabric material has to offer. For a closer look at these specific benefits, go to!

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