State Chemical Invisilube®

State Chemical Invisilube®

Heavy-Duty Clear Aerosol Grease. Invisilube® is designed for specific applications where clear lubrication is necessary.

State Chemical Invisilube


State Chemical Invisilube® is designed to be a clear coated lubricant for every need. In it’s purest form Invisilube ® works as a clear coated heavy-duty aerosol grease. Perfect for anywhere grease needs to be applied and even better for noticeable locations.

Viscous Gel Lubricant Once it sets up, Invisilube clings to vertical and overhead surfaces without dripping or running off.

Clear and Non-Staining Perfect for use on door hinges, exercise equipment, wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Contains Liquaset Liquid Spray – penetrates deeply into hard to reach areas on machinery and equipment, then “sets up,” becoming a highly viscous lubricant.

Contains PTFE – Makes Invisilube an ultra slippery, ultra versitile, heavy duty lubricant.

Easy to Use/Saves – Time Complete lubricating system in an aerosol form. No need for grease guns or pumps.

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