Splints and Orthopedic Support

Splints and Orthopedic Supports are commonly used for physical therapy and are rigid or flexible devices that can maintain a movable part.

Splints and Orthopedic Support advantages:

Advantages are to temporarily immobilize an injured limb, decrease swelling, and minimize further potential soft-tissue injuries associated with contusions, sprains, lacerations, and fractures, dislocations, or painful joints.

Trigger Finger Splint – Used to stabilize your finger, reduce stiffness, and prevent tendons from locking up to provide effective pain relief.


  • Support for trigger, curved, bent or locked fingers
  • Wear on any finger or thumb
  • Supportive aluminum splint
  • Adjustable fastening strap
  • Lightweight and comfortable material

Extended Trigger Finger Splint – Used to stabilize any finger to reduce stiffness and provide relief from stenosing tenosynovitis.


  • Pain-relieving support for trigger finger
  • Adjusts to fit on any finger or thumb
  • Stabilizing, full-length aluminum splint
  • Three non-slip fastening straps
  • Lightweight, breathable neoprene blend

Soft Night Splint – Provide overnight achilles tendon stretch for plantar fasciitis, heel pain, tendinitis, drop foot, and more.


  • Treats Plantar Fasciitis, Drop Foot, and Achilles Tendinitis
  • Reduces pain and inflammation at night
  • Premium foam padding for cushion
  • Includes two foam wedges for custom stretch
  • Massage ball for added relief

Hard Night Splint – Maintains a neutral foot position to gently stretch the plantar fascia to alleviate and reduce inflammation and heel pain.


  • Gently stretches foot to relieve Plantar Fasciitis pain
  • Fully adjustable for customized support
  • Rigid exterior for durability
  • Soft, padded lining for comfort
  • Universal design fits left or right foot
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