The Spectrum of Detection Unveiling the World

The spectrum of detection encompasses a vast array of ferromagnetic technologies that revolutionize sensing capabilities across various areas.

Ocelco’s diverse spectrum of detection

FerrAlert HALO II Plus Ferromagnetic Detection System provides the most reliable detection and prevention of ferromagnetic threats from entering the MRI room (Zone IV). FerrAlert detectors are recognized to be the most accurate ferromagnetic detectors for MRI, due to their exclusive location-specific feature. The New Plus Package dramatically reduces alarm fatigue by not alarming on the MRI door and ferromagnetic objects exiting the MRI room. In addition, FerrAlert HALO II Plus accepts our new FerrAlert Encompass accessory.

FerrAlert Halo

Dual Sensing Hand-Held Ferromagnetic Detector  are portable hand-held patient screeners that allow, according to the operator settings, the detection of magnetic metal masses only or magnetic and non-magnetic metals at the same time. Dual Sensing Hand-Held Ferromagnetic Detectors are the only hand-held MRI patient screening device capable of separately detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic items. Dual Sensing Hand-Held Ferromagnetic Detectors are designed to be entirely non-ferromagnetic. Therefore, they can be used inside MRI rooms without the risk of being attracted or damaged by the magnets without compromising performance or creating a potential projectile risk.

Dual Sensing Detector

Hand Held Ferromagnetic Detector – PD240CH  allow a rapid analysis of the patient in the search for any ferromagnetic metal objects. NOT FOR USE IN MRI ROOM. Hand Held Ferromagnetic Detectors incorporate the benefits of magnetometers and metal detectors, allowing rapid analysis of the patient in the search for any ferromagnetic metal objects.

Handheld Detector

FerrAlert Ferromagnetic Detection Target Scanner Model  are the ONLY ferromagnetic handheld detection system that is presently available on the market. Target Scanner does an excellent job of distinguishing ferromagnetic from non-ferromagnetic materials and is very useful if you are informed on the presence of a potentially ferromagnetic object. However, like all handheld detectors, it is operator dependent and time-consuming. Therefore, we welcome you to learn about all other FerrAlert detection systems to be able to make the best choice for your facility.

Target Scanner

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