Simplify Your Medication Routine

Simplify Your Medication Routine to streamline your daily healthcare regimen, reduce the risk of missed doses, and improve your well-being.

Ocelco’s different option to simplify your medication routine.

VitaVault Pill and Vitamin Organizer is a molded plastic vitamin dispenser, made in the USA, that holds up to sixty days of large vitamins that can be dispensed through any one of six easy to access compartments. Clear front panels make the vitamins / supplements easy to identify by the consumer. It is easy to load by simply pouring the selected vitamin / supplement into the easy accessible compartments.


7 Day Pill Organizers is a convenient and portable way to organize every day medications into individual compartments to help patients with compliance. Organizer lids are initialed with the days of the week on each compartment and marked in braille to assist the visually impaired. Translucent plastic enables you to see if you took your medication without opening the lid.Ā There are several variations of the 7 Day Pill Reminder Organizer Containers available to choose from in different sizes, shapes and styles to meet your needs.

14 Day Locking Pill Reminder is an excellent medication management tool for individuals with mental illness, vision loss, or those with complex medication regimens, as well as ideal for caregivers for in-home treatment use. Our Pill Reminder Organizer Containers come in a variety of styles and assist keeping track of when medications are due. The Contour Pill Reminder comes in assorted colors and has a contour bottom for easy pill removal. Our 14 Day Locking Pill Reminder, 2XL also has a contoured bottom for easy pill removal as well as a locking bar that can be removed if locking feature is not desired. Med-Q Smart 14 Day Pill Reminders are designed to help eliminate senior’s medication mistakes with its innovative flashing box.

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