Roho Mini Max Cushion

The Roho Mini Max Cushion offers maximum comfort in all areas. This roho mini max cushion is meant for people who want to be more comfortable at all times.

Roho Mini Max Cushion

There are many advantages to the Roho Mini Max Cushion. This cushion is not meant for those with pressure sores or those with risk of ulcers. This cushion is meant to be the most comfortable cushion for wheelchair users who do not have needed specifications on their wheelchair cushions. This style of cushion is perfect for wheelchair sports players due to it’s lightweight build. Being light and easily portable it makes for one of the easiest cushions to bring anywhere.

Roho Mini Max Cushion Features

Easy to handle and transport
Can be used with all wheelchair dimensions
Easily cleaned and sterilized
Includes a cover
Completely Adjustable

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