Roho Cushions

Roho Cushions are the #1 selling wheelchair cushion today. The Roho Cushions patended design goes into each Roho cushion that they make for different needs.

Roho Cushions
Roho Cushions have many different advantages to other cushions. The Roho group has made many different wheelchair cushions for different needs. We have posted already about many Roho Cushions but we want to go over the main technology that goes into each Roho cushion making them superior to other wheelchair cushions without even adding there specific & unique traits.

Roho Mosaic 3" Polyvinyl, Dry Floatation Cushion

Roho Cushions

There are quite a few scientific tests that each Roho cushion has to pass in order to be put on the shelves. Shape fitting technology is put into every Roho cushion. Soft, flexible, & interconnected air cells make up The Roho Groups dry flotation products which makes your Roho cushions fit to your shape making the most comfortable sitting experience.

You can see the differences between each of the Roho Cushions by visiting the chart on there website, giving you an interacting chart that will allow you to click on any 2 Roho cushions and compare the differences between them. This chart can be very useful when determining the correct  Roho cushion for you. Here you can find the Roho Chart Element

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