Roho Cushion Types

There are many different Roho Cushion Types. We’re are going to go over a few of the top Roho Cushions and show you the preferred Roho Cushion Types.

Roho Seat and Back Supports

On top of making some of the best wheelchair cushions on the market, they are also is bringing you a line of Roho seat and back supports. Roho Seat and Back Supports This Roho seat and back supports have helped … Continue reading →

Roho Cushion Accessories

Roho Cushion Accessories can always benefit Roho Cushion owners. Some may even help people with regular Wheelchair Cushions! Roho Cushion Accessories Roho Cushion Accessories can really change peoples lives. Many of these accessories have specific uses that could really hit … Continue reading →

Help us Help You!

This blog though very new, has already given you detailed reviews on each individual Roho Cushion as well as detailed reviews on a few of our favorite wheelchair accessories. We will happily review any wheelchair cushion that you are looking … Continue reading →

Reviews On Every Roho Air Wheelchair Cushion

We have reviewed almost every last Roho Cushion on the market today. This article is a resource page to reviews on every Roho Air Wheelchair Cushion. The Reviews The Roho Contour Select Wheelchair Cushion The Roho Contour Select wheelchair cushion provides … Continue reading →

Advanced Stability Wheelchair Cushions

You have many different options when it comes to wheelchair cushions. If you’re currently looking for a wheelchair cushion you should have a good idea of what feature you need most out of your wheelchair cushion. This is a major … Continue reading →

The Roho Contour Select Wheelchair Cushion

The Roho Contour Select wheelchair cushion provides an advanced technology that allows for a great level of skin protection along with improved positioning, stability and increased function. The Contour Select Taking advantage of a new technology called ISOFLO Memory Control. … Continue reading →

The Roho LTV Wheelchair Seat Cushion


Posted on August 29, 2013 by

Easily the most cost effective and portable Roho Cushion on the market today. Versatility combined with lightweight folding and portability makes this the perfect wheelchair seat cushion for anyone on the go all the time. The Roho LTV So what … Continue reading →

High Profile Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion

We’re going to be showing you the individual benefits of the high profile quadtro select wheelchair cushion. This is one of The Roho Group’s top of line wheelchair cushion. High Profile Quadtro Select So we know you’re wondering what makes … Continue reading →

Roho Mosaic Dry Floatation Cushion

The Roho Mosaic wheelchair cushion is part of The Roho Group’s very successful dry floatation cushion line. There are four main benefits coming from the the dry floatation line. Each individual cell – twists, turns, bends, and adapts precisely to … Continue reading →

We’re Showing Roho Cushions With Free Shipping!

I bet you want to know how to get your Roho Cushions at the lowest prices possible! Well you’ve just found the right place to find out. You can now find free shipping on all Roho Cushioning Products at Ocelco … Continue reading →

The Roho Hybrid Elite Wheelchair Cushion

The Roho Hybrid Elite Cushion is simply the best cushion on the market for very active wheelchair users who need a top level of skin protection to go along with it. This top of the line wheelchair cushion has a … Continue reading →

Wheelchair Cushions For Pressure Sores

One common use for wheelchair cushions are preventing pressure sores. Wheelchair cushions for pressure sores are undeniably helpful. Figuring out what kind of wheelchair cushion is the best at preventing pressure sores and helping with skin protection is easy. It’s … Continue reading →

Roho Mattresses

Roho has made some of the finest mattresses on the market today. These Roho mattresses  use advanced pressure relieving mattress overlays. Roho Mattresses Roho has come up with many different styles of mattresses since their first. This is because of … Continue reading →

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