Roho AirLite Cushion

Where To Find The Roho AirLite Cushion

Roho AirLite Cushion, Roho Cushion

This Roho Cushion has amazing features and comes at a great price, $282.00 But is on sale for $144.95 Compared to other specialized Roho Cushion prices this is a steal.

The Roho Group makes every wheelchair cushion with unique design and flawless workmanship. They have done many hours of testing for every cushion they set out. The Roho AirLite Cushion is special in it’s ability to let users sit for extended periods of time. AirLite’s design and technology gives the comfort users want and the support they need.

The AirLite Cushion Specializes in Users Who:

  1. Need a lightweight, non-adjustable seating system
  2. Require basic posture support and comfort
  3. Have partial to full sensation
  4. Are able to perform independent weight shifts

Features & Specifications:

  • Includes a Roho AirLite Cushion, Cover, & Instructions
  • Cover is fluid resistant
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Weight – 2 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity – 250 lbs.
  • Warrantied
  • Has a foam base    


This Roho Cushion has many other significant advantages including having a pre-set air flotation component that allows for enhanced alignment and durability. With this cushion no adjustment will ever be necessary. The breathable, fluid resistant cover protect the entire cushion from different smells and odors and is completely machine washable. The bottom of this Roho Cushion is made with non-skid material increasing the security of the this roho cushion well it is placed in the chair.


The Roho AirLite Cushion is designed for thos who have tactile sensation and who are low risk for pressure ulcers. For users who are at high risk of, or have pressure ulcers, we rocommend the use of a Roho Dry Flotation Cushion.



Ocelco, Inc. has reviewed this product as one of the most comfortable wheelchair cushions they have sold for user specification. They have seen limited returns on the roho cushions 2 year warranty & have helped many happy customers choose the right Roho Cushion for them.

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