Risk Management

Our line of safety products for seniors prevents falls of residents, patients, or loved ones at high risk of falling. Risk Management for the elderly can help save lives. Death in adults over the age of 60 is often linked to falls due to infection and dysfunction of major organs resulting from trauma and immobility after a fall. Falls in older adults usually result in fractures of the hip, pelvis, spine, and limbs, skin tears, bruises, and traumatic head injuries. Without the help of our safety products for seniors, a fall will often leave the person with a fear of another fall, therefore, limiting activity and interfering with daily independence and mobility. For seniors, fall prevention devices are essential to maintain a lifestyle they enjoy. Browse our fall prevention equipment for elderly patients below.

Our Risk Management Products

Fall Prevention Exit Alarms provide quality patient monitoring methods for staff to use for fall prevention and minimize risk to the patient’s safety. We offer an array of Bed and Chair Exit Alarms and Monitors such as the UMP Economy Pull String Alarm, UMP Standard or Deluxe Chair or Bed Sentry Monitor, with or without a 1 Year Pad or Seat Belt, UMP Standard, Timed or Moisture Resistant Bed or Chair Pad, UMP Floor Mat and the UMP Infrared Bed / Door Monitor all with a wide range of options and features available to meet your staff and patient needs.

Fall Prevention Exit Alarm

Alzheimer’s ClothingĀ prevents independent disrobing and assists caregivers in maintaining a comfortable, sensible and dignified business casual look for Alzheimer’s residents.

Alzheimer’s Clothing

Fall Management Safety Accessories products and solutions can assist your facility in implementing an effective, regulatory-compliant falls management program while protecting your patients from bodily harm. The Flatmat Bedside Fall Mats provide impact absorption, protecting patients against falls and other injuries in inpatient rooms.
The Falling Star Stickers, “Fall Risk” Bracelets, and Fall Precaution Bracelets are specifically designed to alert caregivers and protect patients. These fall management accessories are a non-intrusive way to identify high fall risk patients. The color-coded identifiers can be easily incorporated and integrated into any facility’s Fall Management System. The Fall Management Safety Accessories and fall Prevention Risk Identifier Products were specifically designed to improve quality of care and patient safety by effectively minimizing falls and risk of injury.

Fall Management Safety Accessories
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