Best Respiratory Equipment For Everyday Use

Best Respiratory Equipment For Everyday Use includes CPAP machines, oxygen tanks, humidifiers and many more products, to better your life.

Ocelco’s Respiratory Equipment

IGO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Bluetooth are small, lightweight devices that deliver oxygen to those with breathing problems. IGO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrators are designed to be portable, so people can use them while they are active or traveling. They have a ton of different features including Bluetooth, Smartlink app, remote fleet monitoring, Smartlink cloud, 1-5 differnt settings, and Smartdose auto adjusting conserver technology.

IGO2 Oxygen Concentrator

First Defense Nasal Screens are nasal dust covers made of 100% breathable non-latex, skin safe material. First Defense Nasal Screens are designed to help protect against foreign air born particles that find their way into nasal passages. Reduce respiratory exposure to viruses, germs, flu’s, colds, bacteria, dust, pollen, pollutants, contaminants, second hand smoke and carcinogens.  Many jobs today are associated with health hazards. Individuals involved in travel, mining, farming, painting, sandblasting, cement and concrete finishing, bricklaying, welding, working with iron, shipbuilding, or even allergy sufferers expose their lungs to an excessive amount of airborne threats.

First Defense Nasal Screens

1.0 gallon Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers help Get relief from cold and flu symptoms and bring wellness to your entire family in style with a Crane cool mist humidifier. Cranes 1.0 Gal. Drop ultrasonic cool mist humidifier provides up to 250 sq. ft. of coverage and 24-hours of soothing moisture to help relieve the effects of dryness and congestion. This unit is an all-natural, non-medicated relief from dryness, cough, cold and flu symptoms, helping you and your family breathe easy and sleep through the night peacefully.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist

Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders are 40% lighter than steel. Cylinders are cleaned for medical oxygen service. Safety paint protects cylinder sidewall and provides heat detection. Cylinder finish is easy to clean and maintain. Straight thread design eliminates thread damage and provides positive seal.

Oxygen Tank

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