Pill Management Equipment Ultimate Guide

Pill management equipment are designed to make your life easier while using medication. Get a better grip on your daily medication routine.

Our Pill management Equipment.

Metal Pill Crushers easily reduce pills to powder, strong enough for institutional use, perfect for hospitals, nursing home, and pharmacies. Construction of the die-cast Metal Pill Crusher embodies chrome die-cast components and a stainless steel corrosion-resistant receptacle. The Original Ocelco Pill Crusher is an industry leader; its unparalleled strength and durability allow for years of simple and trouble-free crushing. The pill crusher that is preferred by hospitals, medical facilities, and those who simply want a durable crusher is made out of metal. This heavy-duty pill crusher is designed with handles and a base. Medication can be crushed between two cups using the device. This type of crusher can also be made to work with mini bags that make cleaning the instrument fast and easy. Many consumers like to use this heavy-duty pill crusher when they are traveling.

Metal Pill Crusher

Maxsplit Safety Pill Splitter is designed to deliver safety, quality, and function. Safety is not only delivered with the integrated blade guard to prevent accidental blade contact but also with the premium FDA-compliant food grade materials the Maxsplit is produced: latex-free, transparent plastic. You can feel safe that maxsplit will protect you from blade contact and confident to know that your medications are in contact only with high quality, safe plastic. 

Pill Splitter

Hand held pill crushers turn pills into powder, ideal for adults or children who can’t swallow pills. Hand held pill crushers make pill crushing effortless. Handheld pill crushers are small and effective at pill crushing and designed to take with you wherever you go. The Hand-held Pillcrusher has a die-cast body with an enamel finish. The unique handle design makes the crushing process effortless. Pills are crushed in patented bags. Each crusher is sold with 50 bags.

Handheld Pill Crusher

VitaVault Pill and Vitamin Organizer is a molded plastic vitamin dispenser, made in the USA, that holds up to sixty days of large vitamins that can be dispensed through any one of six easy to access compartments. Millions of people take vitamin/supplements on a daily basis. They all have one problem

Vitavault Pill Organizer
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