Pill Management

Pill Management systems are designed to make your life easier while using medication. Whether it means eliminating the common issue of pills being too large for dosing or just managing your medication using organizers and pill counters, ocelco has you covered.

Pill Crushers – Pill crushers are devices that crush pills. The resulting powder can be added to liquid or food, which can aid in the digestion of the medication. The crushed pill can be mixed with food or liquid to be taken without difficulty, although not all medications can be crushed with our pill crushers. Consult your physician or pharmacist before crushing any pills.

Pill Crusher

Pill Organizers – Designed to help with scheduled medication doses. Ocelco has 7 and 14-day pill containers for sale. If needed, we have medication management systems with organized container slots for multiple times within the day. For example, you might have medication for the morning, noon, evening, and night. This allows you to separate the medication rather than risk taking the wrong medication at the wrong time. Ocelco also has available these products: Pill Fobs, On-the-Go Pill Containers, Monthly Reminders, Pill Timers, and Fashion Pill Cases.

Pill Organizer
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