Pill crushers | metal, handheld, and grinders

Pill crushers are a simple and inexpensive device to crush up pills and make it easier to take the medication in the form of powder.

Metal Pill Crusher easily reduces pills to powder, is strong enough for institutional use, and is perfect for hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies. The construction of the die-cast metal pill crusher embodies chrome die-cast components and stainless steel corrosion-resistant receptacle. The original Ocelco pill crusher is an industry leader, its unparalleled strength and durability allow for years of simple and trouble-free crushing. This metal pill crusher is preferred by hospitals, medical facilities, and those who simply want a durable crusher made out of metal. View our categories to see other types of pill crushers.

Metal pill crusher

Hand-held pill crushers turn pills into powder, ideal for adults or children who cannot swallow pills. The handheld pill crusher makes crushing pills effortlessly. Handheld pill crushers are small and effective at pill crushing and are designed to take with you wherever you go. The handheld pill crusher has a die-cast body with an enamel finish. The pills are crushed in patented bags and are sold with the pill crusher in bags of 50. View our categories to see other types of pill crushers.

Handheld pill crusher

Max Grind pill crushers are designed with a dynamic crushing and grinding action to easily deliver finely crushed medication from the top down. The Max grind pill crusher is a revolutionary, high-quality twist pill crusher and grinder featuring an ergonomic, easy-to-grip, and twist design. There is no need to unscrew the top to check progress or retrieve medications. Retrieving crushed medications is simplified by the top-down process where crushed medication is sifted and funneled through patterned slots into the clear, easy view bottom serving cup. View our categories to see other types of pill crushers.

Maxgrind Pill Crusher

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