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Patient room equipment consists of many different pieces of equipment that help make the room comfortable, accessible, and organized.

Our patient room equipment

Vinyl exam gloves are disposable gloves that are used during medical examinations and procedures to help prevent cross contamination between caregivers and patients. The use of examination gloves is part of the standard precautions to prevent medical staff from the transmissions of infectious agents between patients. Medical gloves also protect the staff from infectious agents originating from patients. Vinyl Powder Free Gloves can be used in the Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Industrial and Food Service applications. Made from powder-free vinyl. Check out our other categories to see more of our patient room equipment.

Vinyl Gloves

5 bag fixed IV holder comes at a fixed height however the top pole is still adjustable. This Fixed Height IV Holder works with our cubicle curtain tracking. IV Bag holders raise and lower without disturbing needles and tubes or causing patient discomfort. The 5 bag fixed IV holder comes with many features and benefits including arms fold for sterilization and easy storage, made from stainless steel for sanitation, suspend from eze-lock IV carriage, and extends any length between 26″ to 41″. Check out our other categories to see more of our patient room equipment.

IV Pole

Hamper with foot pedal is constructed from 7/8″ steel tubing  with a bright and sturdy chrome finish. Hamper assembles in minutes and has a white ABS high impact lid. Optional colored lids available. Bag lock secures liners in place. Includes four 3″ quiet-ride casters insuring smooth rolling, two are locking to secure the hamper in place. This hamper accommodates nylon and antimicrobial bags (sold separately). Dimensions of this hamper are 18.5″L x 17.75″W x 35″H. Check out our other categories to see more of our patient room equipment.

Hamper with foot pedal

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