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Nebulizer respiratory equipment is a device for producing a fine spray of liquid, used for example for inhaling a medicinal drug.

Ocelco nebulizer respiratory equipment

CareFusion air life pediatric nick the dragon aerosol mask is designed to reduce fear and encourage compliance during asthma therapy, these character-themed masks provide effective medication delivery while enabling simple treatment for children. The toy-like masks aid in the perception that the character is breathing along with the child, which encourages the patient to take frequent deep breaths, allowing for a more effective and fun treatment. The mask’s soft, latex*free, plastic construction ensures a comfortable fit. Infant and pediatric sizes are available with three different characters to choose from. View our categories to see other types of respiratory nebulizer equipment.

Aerosol Mask

Drive medical power neb ultra nebulizer is perfect for patients who need nebulized medicine and want a compact easy-to-use nebulizer. At just 3.2 lbs., it is one of the smallest and lightest nebulizers available from drive medical, making it convenient to store and carry from room to room; it’s even equipped with a built-in slot for the neb kit, allowing for hands-free use. The unit also comes complete with both a reusable and disposable neb kit and can deliver a consistent particle size of fewer than 5 microns while maintaining fast and effective treatments. View our categories to see other types of respiratory nebulizer equipment.

Ultra nebulizer

Sonic mist ultrasonic nebulizer system offers three power options rechargeable battery pack, ac adapter, and dc auto adapter. At home, in the office, or on the go, enjoy the portable convenience of the VH Sonic mist. Three reliable power sources prepare patients for treatment in any setting. This complete ultrasonic nebulizer system includes 17 components easily contained in its multi-compartment, ready-to-go tote, and ideal travel solution. Breathing treatments have never been easier. View our categories to see other types of respiratory nebulizer equipment.

Sonic Mist Nebulizer

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