MRI Scan Band Equipment Ultimate Guide

MRI Scan Band equipment is made up of many different pieces of equipment aswell as accessories that make up your machine.

MRI’s Scan Band Equipment.

MRI Scan Bands 2 Band Set with cording attachments that utilize the existing OEM channels along the length of the imaging table. This cording is an easy and convenient way to free up space, eliminate clutter, and increase access for personnel on your CT table. The cording attachments are made with pre-attached heavy duty nylon webbing straps that utilize the existing OEM channels along the length of the imaging table. The straps simply hook onto these existing channels so they’re easy to install and easy to use.


MRI Scan Bands Universal Single Strap Scan Band patient positioning that wraps underneath the table pad and encircles the patient, attaching at the front with hook and loop fasteners. It’s made with a comfortable fabric that is breathable to reduce heat buildup. The universal design can accommodate patients of all sizes. For use with OmniScan or other equipment.


MRI Scan Track External Channel System provides a C-channel that attaches under the imaging tables cradle by Hook and Loop. Allowing Scan-Bands to be easily adjusted, even after the patient has been placed on the table. This patented external channel increases a machines positioning capabilities, providing uninterrupted travel of the Scan-Bands ® down the length of the table.


Step Back Design and Center Notch Design secures patient comfortably. Easy to Clean. Available in three thicknesses. Scan support table pad soft 4 way stretch knit material with water resistant coating that is smooth and easy to clean.

Open Cell Foam Table Pads are high-quality customized pads to fit your specific needs. Comfortable for patients, easy to clean, less expensive than OEM table pads, and available in different styles of foam and varied thicknesses.

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