MRI Non-Magnetic Equipment

MRI non-magnetic equipment are tools, objects, or devices that have no magnetic pull and are safe to be used daily within the MRI environment.


MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging, and it is a test that uses strong magnetism to take pictures of organs inside the body. The MRI machine itself is large, heavy, and extremely powerful. This means that it can cause damage if there are any magnetic objects in its way. Although patients who need an MRI scan are not allowed to bring anything into the room with them, there are many other items that need to be taken care of before and after their scan. Here’s what you should know about these non-magnetic items:

MRI Non-Magnetic wheelchairs

The wheelchairs you will use in the MRI scanner is made of non-magnetic materials to ensure that it does not cause any interference with the machine. The wheelchair is specially designed to handle the weight of an MRI patient, making it perfectly suitable for use in the MRI scanner. This wheelchair is also specially designed to be comfortable for the patient and easy to clean, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience during your visit.

The non-magnetic design of this wheelchair means that there are no metallic parts that could potentially interfere with your scan results or cause damage to other equipment used at our facility. It’s important for you as a patient to feel safe in all aspects of your experience, so we’ve taken extra care when choosing these features!


MRI Non-Magnetic stretchers

Specially designed stretchers are used to transport patients from the MRI room to the examination room and back. These stretchers are not allowed in the MRI room due to their non-magnetic properties and because they may carry metal parts which could cause interference with imaging.


MRI Non-Magnetic infusion poles

  • Infusion poles need to be non-magnetic. This means that they cannot have any ferrous (iron) parts or materials inside them.
  • They must be easily removed from the MRI room and stored outside of it before they are used, as well as returned to storage when they’re not in use.
  • They should be easy to transport between rooms if you need to move them around your hospital or clinic.
  • They should also be portable enough so that patients can take them with them when they go out of the room for any reason, like going for a walk in another part of your institution or going home after their treatment is over.
IV pole

Patients need special equipment for the short time they are in the MRI room.

Magnetic fields must be avoided in the MRI room and generally within several feet of it. While metallic objects cannot be brought into an MRI scanner, patients still need equipment for the short time they are in the MRI room.

Patients need to be able to move freely in the MRI room and lie down comfortably for their scan. They also need to be able to be moved around the room when necessary by medical staff or other personnel who are trained to handle magnetic resonance imaging equipment safely at all times.


In conclusion, the instruments are made from non-ferrous or non-metallic materials that do not react with magnetic fields, so they will not be affected by the powerful magnet in the MRI machine. we hope you will consider purchasing non-magnetic MRI equipment for your patients. It is important to keep your patients safe and comfortable during the time they spend in the MRI room.

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