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MRI Cleaning supplies include a variety of non-magnetic MRI Janitorial Supplies including carts, mops, brooms, wet floor signs, and more.

OUR MRI janitorial supplies.

MRI Non-Magnetic Mop Handles are made from a strong and durable plastic material, making them incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. We have a variety of mops for different purposes. We have mops for cleaning the floor, for cleaning the walls, and for cleaning the ceiling. We also have mops for cleaning mirrors and windows, tables, and chairs. These are some of our best-selling MRI janitorial supplies.

Mop handle

MRI Safe Trash Can. With Foot Pedal and Lid comes in three different sizes. These trash cans offer hands-free sanitary waste management. his trash can with foot pedal and the lid features many sanitary benefits along with being MR safe for use in any MR environment. The trash can has many features including, an easy wipe surface. Tough, puncture-resistant, all-plastic construction. Quiet, heavy-duty pedal for hands-free sanitary use. Tight-fitting, overlapping lid to help contain odors. The MRI trash can comes in three different sizes.

Trash can

MRI Non-Magnetic Janitorial Cart was specifically designed to be utilized in areas where MRI equipment is being used. The cart is completely non-ferrous and non-magnetic so it will not interfere with MRI equipment usage. All components are made from plastics and/or non-ferrous metals (aluminum and stainless steel) to ensure top quality and to be completely nonmagnetic. MRI carts are a must-have for MRI rooms, and they’re the only way to store and transport all of your cleaning supplies. The large storage compartment allows you to keep everything in one place, while the high-quality materials make them easy to use.

Janitorial cart

To conclude we know you’re busy, so we just want to make sure that you have everything you need for your MRI room. If there are any questions at all, give us a call and we’d be happy to help out!

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