MRI Facility Maintenance

MRI Facility Maintenance is a critical aspect of healthcare operations ensuring the cleanliness safety, and optimal functioning of MRI suites.

Ocelco’s MRI facility maintenance equipment.

MRI Non-Magnetic Mop Bucket Press Wringer with Casters effectively removes dirt and debris from microfiber mop pads before wringing. It is an exceptional cleaning tool designed for efficiency and convenience. non-magnetic mop bucket is easy to maneuver, allowing for effortless transport and positioning throughout your facility. Its robust construction and ergonomic features make it a valuable addition to any cleaning arsenal.

Mop Bucket

MRI Non-Magnetic PVC Janitorial Cart is our state-of-the-art Non-Magnetic PVC Cart, designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities, MRI suites, and other environments where magnetic interference is a critical concern. This cart is the ultimate solution for maintaining a sanitary environment

PVC Janitorial Cart

MRI Safe Double Sided Ladder is a specialized piece of equipment designed for use in environments where magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines are in operation. Crafted from non-ferrous materials like aluminum or stainless steel to avoid magnetic interference, it features steps on both sides, often covered with non-conductive, non-slip material, ensuring user safety. With a designated load capacity, it accommodates a variety of users, and some models include mobility.

MRI Safe Ladder

MRI Non-Magnetic Clean Mats prevent contamination and particulate matter from entering the MRI environment.  Fast, effective, and easy to use, each mat is composed of multiple layers of touch, polyethylene film, laminated together into a stack.  Each layer is coated with a custom high tack adhesive, leaving the working surface smooth.  When the surface is contaminated, simply peel off the top layer and discard. Premium backing is a flexible, double coated vinyl with acrylic adhesive on the bottom surface of the mat.  No adhesive residue will remain on the floor after final removal, however, the mat will be held securely to the floor when in use. 

Clean Mats

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