Medical Equipment Facts

Everyone knows about medical products but not everyone knows where they come from. Who invented this Medical Equipment? We’re going over this and much more!

Medical Equipment Facts
Who invented all of the main medical products we use today? Who are the people that invented the equipment that help doctors save lives every day? These people may not be thought of very often and mostly go completely unknown.

We want to pay a little credit to the people who have invented the medical equipment almost every doctor uses every day. You may be surprised how early these inventions were thought up!

Who Invented The First Stethoscope?
Rene Laennec. In 1816 Dr. Rene Theophile Laennec felt embarrassed if he had to listen to the heart beat of a young female patient by placing his ear directly on her chest. He rolled up 24 sheets of paper to make a tube and placed one end on her chest and the other end in his ear. He discovered that the sounds from the heart beats were loud and clear. This was the first monaural stethoscope. Women everywhere can thank this man for not having the doctors office be quite as awkward as it would have had to be. And we can all thank this man for making the doctors office quicker and more convenient.

Who Found Out How To Measure Blood Pressure In Humans?
In about 1880 Samuel Von Basch invented the latest way to measure blood pressure. To put it lightly, the first person to invent a way to measure blood pressure in 1733 didn’t have a very “comfortable” way of doing it. So we can thankĀ Samuel Von Basch every time we go into the doctors office for making getting our blood pressure taken quick and simple.

Medical Equipment Facts Recap
We hope you enjoyed a few of these Medical Equipment Facts. We will have more facts in future posts. Let us know if you want to read more medical equipment facts by commenting!

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