Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs come in 5 general categories to suit your need; whether you have a short term or long term mobility challenge, we have a wide range of wheelchairs to help you. All wheelchairs come fully assembled and will fold down to fit into your car.

Our Manual Wheelchairs

Transport Wheelchairs have four smaller wheels define transport Wheelchairs. Built for outdoor use, they are super lightweight to carry and set up, weighing as low as 14.5 lbs. Transport chairs fold down compactly to fit into any car or closet. Transport chairs are pushed by a companion only; the seated user cannot self-propel in a transport wheelchair.

Transport Wheelchair

Standard Wheelchairs are basic economy wheelchairs. Our standard manual wheelchairs are suitable for indoor/outdoor use and light commercial use. However, standard wheelchairs are heavy, which is an essential factor when considering the user will have to push that weight. Lifting these chairs into a vehicle can become tiring when traveling.

Standard Wheelchair

Lightweight Wheelchairs are made from lighter materials; these lightweight manual wheelchairs resemble standard wheelchairs. Generally, our lightweight wheelchairs have better wheels, bearings, and are lower weight. This lower weight makes it more efficient to self-propel or to be pushed by a companion.

Lightweight Wheelchair
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