Information On Roho Cushions

The Roho Group is one of the biggest wheelchair cushion manufacturers in the market today. We’re giving you some information on them.

Information On Roho Cushions
There is a lot of information to sift through when looking at Roho Cushions. Especially when looking at each individual wheelchair cushion themselves. We have a few posts about individual Roho Cushions here on this blog, but there is a new blog dealing solely with Roho Cushions that may help you out. The Roho Cushions Blog goes into great detail such as which Roho Cushions are meant for sports use, common use, which have skin protection, and much more.

Information On Roho Cushions

Look At Roho
You can get much more information on The Roho Group & There Cushions at the actual Roho Cushions Website. They have a interacting section that help you pick out which Roho Cushion is the correct one for you. You can find there warranty information, everything there working on, many videos, & much more.Ā The Roho Group has there own blog as well

Find Roho Cushions
You cannot purchase your Roho Cushions at the Roho Group, so once you have done all of your research on which of these wheelchair cushions are right for you, you can head on over to or for the best prices that you will find on these cushions.

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