Humidifiers | inhalers, air purifier, and dehumidifiers

Humidifiers, steam inhalers, and air purifiers are devices for keeping the atmosphere moist in a room. Can be especially helpful during winter.

Our Humidifiers and equipment

Steam inhalers help get relief from cold and flu like symptoms and bring wellness to your entire family in style with cranes corded steam inhaler. This unit comes standard with a medical grade silicone mask and uses 99.96% germ free steam. With our compact, easily portable, and user friendly design, you can have access to our steam inhaler where ever you go. Use with Cranes vapor pads for an additional elevated experience to help you and your family breathe easy and sleep peacefully throughout the night. View our category’s to see other types of raspatory equipment.

Steam inhaler

Air purifiers help you get comfortable with the air quality in your home. Our premium air purifiers purification system includes a pre filter, a true HEPA filter, and a germicidal UV lamp. Due to the equipped germicidal UV lamp, our air purifier effectively removes bacteria and germs from the air while simultaneously trapping particles such as allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, and dander. Say goodbye to watery eyes, congestion, and stuffy noses with our premium tower air purifier all while contributing to your homes décor.  Since most Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors, Crane wants to help you and your family out by ensuring your indoor environment is as clean and pollutant free as possible. View our category’s to see other types of raspatory equipment.

Dehumidifier keep your home or basement free from, mildew and mold. the Crane dehumidifiers quickly and effectively reduces humidity, bacteria, and odor from our indoor air through the units compressor, allowing for a more comfortable living environment. Our product specifically removes up to 600ml of moisture from the air per day, reducing allergens such as dust mites, bacteria, mold, and mildew. View our category’s to see other types of raspatory equipment.

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