How Wheelchair Safety Accessories Will Make Life Easier

We want to show you how wheelchair safety accessories will make life easier for anyone involved in a wheelchair user’s life.

How Wheelchair Safety Accessories Will Make Life Easier
There are a lot of different safety accessories that can make a wheelchair users life easier, as well as a caregiver of a wheelchair user. We want to go over  a few different accessories that will allow you to keep you mind at ease without worrying for the wheelchair user that you are giving care to, or allow a wheelchair user to have more freedom than they thought they could have.

Wheelchair Brake Extentions

Brake ExtensionsWheelchair brake extensions will help any wheelchair user who needs more reach when it comes to setting there brakes. For some, this simple, cost effective & easy to use tool has changed lives. People can now go from not being able to go anywhere alone because they can’t properly set there wheelchair brakes, to being able to go up or down hill without worry of any kind. This is a vital accessory for some and can change peoples lives.

Wheelchair Safety Belts & Lap Huggers

Safety BeltsLap Huggers
Another great accessory that can easily change the lives of a caregiver or wheelchair user. Being able to be in a room alone without the worry of sliding or falling out of a wheelchair can be a life changing experience for both a wheelchair user and caregiver. Neither one of you have to worry about those situations if you have one of these types of wheelchair accessory.

Wheelchair Fall Monitors

Ocelco Chair Exit Alarms Best ValueJust in case  the seat belts and lap huggers are still leaving you with a few worries, these fall prevention monitors will keep your mind at ease. You will know the one that you are giving care for is still perfectly fine in his seat, even if he or she is in another room. The Wheelchair Fall monitor sounds a very loud alarm if the person is no longer in the seat of the wheelchair.

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