How To Use Standard 4 Wheel Rolling Walkers

Figuring out how to use standard 4 wheel rolling walkers can be harder than it looks. Medical Product Blog is here to help you figure rolling walkers out.

How To Use Standard 4 Wheel Rolling Walkers

Just by looking at your standard 4 wheel rolling walker it may be difficult to figure out, we’re here to help you in this process. The very first thing that will help you start walking in your rolling walkers is find the side that has the handles with the brakes on it. The breaks are a lever below or attached to the handles. Once you have found that side you can start to put your weight on those handles. Before you start walking you may want to figure out exactly how your breaks work and we’ll help you do that next.

Standard 4 wheel rolling walkers

Rolling Walker

Figuring Out Brakes on Rolling Walkers

In the beginning your brakes may be the hardest part to figure out. To figure your brakes safely and easily, follow these step by step instructions. First squeeze both brakes well starting to put your weight onto the rolling walker. Before attempting to move forward, release just one brake handle and push that side slightly forward, then press the brake well still pushing forward to get a feel for it. Do the same thing with the other side of the rolling walker. After you get a feel for your brakes try pushing yourself forward slowly with no brakes, and slowly squeezing on them. Repeat this process a couple of times until you are used to the breaks.

How to Walk With  Standard 4 Wheel Rolling Walkers

After you have figured out the brakes the rest of this process is much easier. The next few hard parts will be maneuvering and going over bumps, you will figure all this out over time. It is vary easy to learn while doing. If you decide to sit down on you rolling walker, be sure you put your brakes on lock, then attempt the sitting process. Never attempt the sitting process with your brakes not locked.

Where to Find Rolling Walkers

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