How To Select A Cane & Cane Grip

How To Select A Cane & Cane Grip

This article is going to show how to select a cane & cane grip. There are many sizes and options, so, we’ll show you how to select a cane. First we want to say there are so many different cane’s out there that you might find one that you like better at a different time. This is just going to be guidelines on the essentials of how to select a cane.

The Height Of Your Cane

The most important part about selecting your cane is the cane height. If it is to high or to short your cane is going to make more problems, not help. So when selecting your cane you should measure the angle of your bent elbow well standing perfectly straight & when your hand on the cane. This angle should be about 15 Degrees. When you are using your cane for balance the angle may be greater. Another way to measure properly is to stand with your cane at your side. With your arm hanging straight down, the top of your cane should line up with the crease in your wrist.

Cane Grips

Not only are there many different styles of canes but also different styles of cane grips. Your cane grips offer you different styles of comfort & support. If you have arthritis or any other kind of joint pains your may want to consider a larger “pillow grip”. If your require extra balance or support you may want to consider a forearm style cane grip.

 Seat Canes

Seat canes are another thing to consider when selecting your cane. If you can’t make it long distances even with a cane, or you just enjoy stopping & sitting on a walk  you may want to think about a seat cane. A seat cane when folded up looks and acts just like a normal cane. Nothing gets in the way of your average walking with a cane experience.

Quad Canes

Quad canes are the best canes when you need one for support. Quad canes offer sturdiness & stability for all users. This style of cane can be a bit heavier to lift but not by much at all.


I hope this article has given you a jump start on selecting one of your Canes. If you have any other questions please post them and the MedicalProductBlog will answer any question you can think of under this article! Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped.


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