How To Install Curtain Track

How To Install Curtain Track & Curtain Track Hardware

This article is going to show you exactly how to install curtain track & curtain track hardware. We want you to know the easiest way to install curtain track & curtain track hardware. These are going to be easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will guide you on your way to a successful installation. Medical Product Blog wants to break down these steps and explain each step in great detail to help you.

The Guide

Prior to installing the curtain track & curtain track hardware, lay all of your curtain tracking out on the floor in it’s intended positioning. You can also lay out all of your curtain track hardware where it is supposed to be. This does two things for you. It will show you if you really have all of the hardware that you need, and also determine the proper location and placement of your curtain track & curtain track hardware. Now in this how to install curtain track & curtain track hardware guide you are ready to start screwing your curtain track in the ceiling. Now remember to use the correct hardware during these steps, don’t worry we will go threw the right time to use each piece of curtain track hardware.

All About Your Curtain Track Hardware 

Use your ceiling clips to attach the curtain tracking to the T-bracket on suspended ceiling. Spacing should be about every 2 feet 6 inches.

You will use this aluminum sleeve when you join & extend curtain track sections. You should use splicing clamps whenever you join two pieces of curtain track together to make sure that your curtain track channels are properly aligned.


These end stops are used to ensure that your curtain carriers never slip out of the end of the curtain tracking. These item’s should be on both ends of your curtain track.  

This snaps into your End Stop to allow for easy replacement of your curtain track carriers.


Your carriers are best places spaced out every 6″ on the curtain tracking. These curtain tracking carriers allow for effortless movement of your curtains.



These useful suspension tubes are a necessity for area’s with high ceilings or obstructions in the way. You can mount these ceiling tubes with the Ceiling Flange. Then you can connect the suspension tube to the curtain tracking with a screw insert. Then you may connect the curtain track to a wall with a Nylon Wall Bracket.

We also supply information on the Cross Bracket, Curtain Tie Back, Drop Chain, & PVC Drop Strip.

The Medical Product Blog hopes we gave you all the information you needed on how to install curtain track & curtain track hardware. If you have any other questions please just post a question and we can add on information to this How-To article just for you. 

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