Hospital Curtain Track Equipment

We’re showing you every piece of hospital curtain track equipment needed to setup curtain track and explaining every piece of hardware for easy installation.

Curtain Track and Hardware

Hospital Curtain Track Equipment

There are many different pieces of curtain track hardware that you will need to setup your completely setup you curtain track. We’re going to go through every piece that you will need. Let’s start off with the basics with Straight Curtain Track. All of this curtain track comes with the option of being silver or powder coated white.

Straight Curtain Track

Straight Track is used when you need hospital curtains to go straight for an 8 ft. distance. Depending on the setup you are looking for, you may only need one piece of straight track for your main setup. This track can also be connected to curved track with hardware shown below.

Curved Curtain Track

This style of curved track is 2′ x 2′ and curved at a 90° angle. Curved track is used when you are working your hospital curtains around corners, beds or any other obstacle. This track can be connected to straight track with the hardware shown below.

45° curved track

This style of curved track is 2′ x 2′ and curved to a 45°.  Curved track is used when you are working your hospital curtains around corners, beds or any other obstacle. This track can be connected to straight track with the hardware shown below.

Splicing Clamp

Splicing clamps are the curtain track hardware necessary to join two pieces of  straight track together. Anytime two pieces of straight track meet, you will need one splicing clamp. There is more hardware to connect straight track to curved track below.

End Stop

End stops are needed when your curtain track does not meet a wall. After your hospital curtain is in place you can this end stop on to prevent the carriers from falling off of the track.

Snap Out Fitting

Snap out fittings are used to easily snap off your end stops. When you need to clean or replace your hospital curtains, the end stops may be difficult to get off by themselves. Snap out fittings are not necessary but highly recommended for easy replacement of your hospital curtains.

Single Carrier

Single carriers are need to be placed every 6″ to hold the weight of your hospital curtains. If you have 8 ft. of tracking you will need 16 single carriers. Single carriers glide with your curtain tracking and attach to your hospital curtains. – 1/2″ Width.

Breakaway Single Carrier

Breakaway Single Carriers are another carrier option. They also need to be placed every 6″. Both carriers work well but we have found better reviews on our drop chain single carriers. Breakaway single carriers also have a 1/2″ width.

Ceiling Clip

Ceiling Clips are used to mount curved and straight curtain track to the ceiling. Place ceiling clips ever 3″ for proper and secure installation.

Joining Sleeve

Joining Sleeves are used when connecting straight track to curved track. These do come with a left and right side option. Be certain you know which side is needed when selecting your joining sleeves.

Suspended Tubing Track Hardware

If you have a tall ceiling, or if there are obstacles on the ceiling where you need your curtain track to be placed, there is also a suspended tubing curtain track method.

Curtain Track Quotation Forms

If you need help figuring out the exact amount of curtain track hardware that you need you can fill out a quotation form and email is to  They will provide you with an exact quote with every piece of track and hardware that you will need.

Quotation Form

Quote Form

Flexible Curtain Track

Flexible Curtain Tracking

Flexible curtain track comes in 8′, 16′ and 105′ lengths. If you are in need of a section of flexible curtain track in one of those specific lengths, this may be your best option.

Hospital Curtains

Hospital Curtains

You can also find a wide variety of hospital curtains with many different pattern options. This selection includes many LEED certified curtains, EZ Swap snap on hospital curtains, shower curtains and privacy screens.

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