GSA Advantage Medical Equipment

If you are forced to order medical equipment under government contract, we have some news and helpful resources for you.

GSA Advantage Medical Equipment
If you’re working for a government facility and can only order threw medical equipment suppliers (and wholesalers) with a government contract than we have good news for you. We can’t speed the process it takes for your order approval, but we can certainly make it a lot easier for you. Ocelco is now a member of The GSA Advantage and we want to roll out the red carpet for you.

GSA Advantage Medical Equipment

When ordering from Ocelco you’ll get more friendly and helpful customer service than you’ve ever had. They also like to go the extra mile and put every last detail into quotes and order forms. If you’ve ever ordered from a government contracting business before, you know the hassle of getting these ordered completed in a timely and frustrating fashion. Ocelco know’s they can’t speed up the government process but we can make getting all of the information that you need to successfully order from Ocelco simply & quickly.

Give Ocelco Government Contract A Try
So if your tired of dealing with your old medical equipment supplier and want to see if anyone out there has a government contract selling medical equipment, give Ocelco a try and they know that you will be 100% satisfied with the order process.

GSA Page
Take a look at our official GSA page. You can do so by clicking the link on our contract number and you will find yourself to the page of Ocelco’s GSA Contract and find all of the official information that you will need.

Contract #
Contract # V797P-2018D

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