From Pills to Powder: Demystifying Pill Crushers

From Pills to Powder: Demystifying Pill Crushers sheds light on the process of transforming solid medication into manageable powder form,

Ocelco’s different types of pill crushers

Metal Pill Crusher easily reduces pills to powder, strong enough for institutional use, perfect for hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies. Construction of the die-cast Metal Pill Crusher embodies chrome die-cast components and a stainless steel corrosion-resistant receptacle. The Original Ocelco Pill Crusher is an industry leader; its unparalleled strength and durability allow for years of simple and trouble-free crushing.

Metal pill crusher

Hand Held Pill Crushers turn pills into powder, ideal for adults or children who can’t swallow pills. Handheld pill crushers make pill crushing effortless. Handheld pill crushers are small and effective at pill crushing and designed to take with you wherever you go. The Hand-held Pill Crusher has a die-cast body with an enamel finish. The unique handle design makes the crushing process effortless. Pills are crushed in patented bags. Each crusher is sold with 50 bags. 

Hand held pill crusher

Polycarbonate Plastic Pill Crushers is constructed of lightweight polycarbonate injection molded plastic, the receptacle fitting in both the handle and base are stainless steel to maximize power for crushing. Available in for decorative colors. Both Metal and Plastic pill crushers are backed by a two year conditional warranty against defects and workmanship.

polycarbonate pill crusher

Powdercrush Automated Medication Pill Crusher is the perfect product for any long term care pharmacy, hospital, or correctional facility. Powdercrush saves time and eliminates the risk of injury. This unique tablet crusher turns pills to a super-fine powder by 2 rechargeable batteries. Unlike a manual crusher this battery powered pill crusher reduces the chance of a repetitive strain injuries for nurses, and will eliminate risk of being shirt staffed or having to face costly injury claims. The crusher saves you time and money. 

automated pill crusher

Calmpress Pill Crushing System is a silent and effective manual pill-crushing system designed for long-term care facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, correctional facilities, or anywhere crushing is done on a frequent basis. Calmpress delivers close to double the crushing power of comparable products and that means less work for you. The large easy to grip ergonomic handle reduces stress related injuries to the hand and wrists. Calmpress saves time, and eliminates the problem of cross-contamination through the use of medication pouches, and crushes pills to a fine powder.

calmpress pill crusher

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