Flexible Curtain Tracking

This Flexible Curtain Tracking works great for a curtain design that is setup to turn 90°. Come take a look at our flexible curtain tracking setup designs.

Flexible Curtain Tracking
Flexible Curtain Tracking works perfectly for many different situations. This curtain tracking is easy to set up and use. It is also much more cost effective for having a 90° angle or a complete circle.

Flexible Curtain TrackingFlexible Curtain Tracking

We’re going to go over step by step instructions to setting up this flexible curtain tracking and show you how easy it really is but first let’s talk a little about this great track.Most non flexible curtain tracking systems require you to purchase straight curtain track and a separate 90° bar at a costly price.

This great flexible curtain track allows you to skip that payment and get your job done with just one piece of curtain track. The best part is, you can set it up even easier by skipping the part where you need to connect you 2 pieces of curtain tracking together! This also saves you money on hardware. You also may have to cut your lengths of curtain tracking with traditions curtain tracking systems.

Setting Up Your Flexible Curtain Tracking
We’re going to list prices associated with Ocelco to show you how lost cost and easy to set up this equipment really is.

Flexible Curtain Tracking

 Bendable Flexible Curtain Tracking
The first thing that you are going to need is the bendable flexible curtain tracking piece. Choose between and 8′ ($39.36), 16′ ($76.20), or 105′ ($405.00) piece of track.

Bendable Flexible Curtain Tracking Hardware

Show product details for Nylon Carrier w/hook for Formatrac Curtain TrackingShow product details for End Cap for Formatrac Curtain TrackingShow product details for Spring Clip w/Grid Clip for Formatrac Curtain Tracking

These three pieces of curtain tracking hardware is all that you need to setup your entire flexible curtain tracking system. This really is very easy to set-up! We’ll show you the prices and everything you’ll need to set up a 8 ft. curtain tracking system.

Spring Clip & Grid Clip

Spring Clip w/Grid Clip for Formatrac Curtain Tracking

These clips attach to your ceiling for use with attaching the curtain track to the ceiling. You need one of these for every 2′ of curtain track. They are $5.85 each so for a 8 ft track you would need 4 which equals $23.40.

Nylon Curtain Tracking Carrier and Hook

Nylon Carrier w/hook for Formatrac Curtain Tracking


This piece of hardware attaches and slides with the curtain track also holding on to the curtain. You will need one of these for every 6″ of track. That is $1.99 each coming out to $31.84 for an 8 ft track.

Curtain Tracking End Cap

End Cap for Formatrac Curtain Tracking

You only need one of these for whichever end of curtain tracking does not meet a wall. So you may need 0, 1, or 2. They are 1.89 each so if you need 2 that’s $3.78.

Bendable Flexible Curtain Tracking Recap
So there you have it, you can setup curtain tracking for as low as $98.38 and almost no install time. You also won’t even have to think about getting someone else to install this curtain tracking for you so you do not have to worry about any expensive set-up fees.

This flexible curtain tracking system is truly one of the best options out there and you will be just as  happy with it’s durability and efficiency as you are with the cost.

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