Exploring the Best Products for Patient Comfort

Exploring the best products for patient comfort informs caregivers to make informed choices on quality patient comfort equipment.

Ocelco’s best products for patient comfort.

Bed Buddy Weighted Blanket is a perfect weighted blanket that works as a youth size or adult size. The premium quality stitching with tight pockets keep the weighted beads in place, helping control your body temperature, making it a cooler blanket. The weighted blanket gives your gentle pressure that mimics the effect of being held. This Bed Buddy Weighted Blanket work great for both adults and kids. Also the weighted blanket looks great on any bed so no need to worry.

Bed Buddy Weighted Blanket

Theralite Aura is a mood and energy enhancing light that shines bright with 10,000 LUX glare-free white light. Light therapy will lift the mood during gloomy days and will increase your mood. Bright light therapy light is a UV free, safe and effective lamp. The Theralite Aura lamp is clinically tested and is used to treat disorders caused by light deficiency due to lack of sunlight. It has a 4 light setting for those experiencing mild to moderate symptoms. The stand and light are both adjustable allowing for different use of angles. 


RCRA Hazardous Pharmacy Waste Containers allows for the proper and safe disposal and elimination of sharps, RCRA Hazardous Pharmacy Waste and Non-Hazardous Pharmacy waste. Disposable Sharps Containers available in 2 or 3 gallon and 3 or 5 quart containers provide open access for disposal of a variety of shapes and sizes of sharps, (i.e. needles and syringes, vials, test tubes, and glass slides). The One-Quart Disposable Phlebotomy Container has a special opening to safely place the blood tube holder with needle while attending a patient. Container is fully disposable, may bee autoclaved or incinerated for final disposal. 

Sharps containers

Free Standing Trapeze the perfect solution for individuals seeking added support and assistance. If you or your loved one require additional support and assistance for improved mobility and independence, look no further than the Free Standing Trapeze Model 850TRAP. Designed with precision and care, this versatile trapeze provides the stability and convenience you need to navigate daily activities with ease.

Free Standing Trapeze
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