Emergency Preparedness

Ocelco Inc is proud to supply a full line of emergency medical supplies for use in crisis response. Whether for natural disaster relief, triage emergencies during an MCI (mass casualty incident), or for terrorism response preparedness, Ocelco’s line of emergency preparedness products are perfect for making a timely and effective response to medical needs in the face of the unknown.

Our Emergency Preparedness Products

Elite First Aid Kits are preferred by professionals including medics, first responders, paramedics, and combat lifesavers(CLS) around the world.

Elite First Aid Kits

Emergency Medical Supplies are critical products when life-threatening situations occur. Ocelco healthcare equipment features a full line of emergency medical supplies. From survival blankets to spill control, Ocelco provides you with the emergency medical products needed to control situations when time is of the essence. 

Emergency Medical Supplies

Ferno Ambulance Cots have been designed with innovative features and stability to help you reduce strain, keep control, and maintain proper body mechanics while loading and unloading the ambulance, and while moving patients. A full range of accessories make patient handling easier for patients of all sizes, and improve the quality and comfort of patient care.

Ferno Ambulance Cots
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