Curtain Track System

We’re going to go over a few items you will need to setup a working curtain track system. A curtain track system will work for many different scenarios.

Curtain Track System
We’re going to show you exactly what you will need for a curtain track system to cover a 8 ft area. We want to help show you how to get the proper equipment to do this.

List Of Needed Items:
Curtain Tracking QTY. 8 Feet
Splicing Clamp For Channel Tracking QTY. 1
End Stop For Channel Tracking QTY. 2
Snap-Out Fitting for Channel Tracking QTY. 1
Curtain Carrier for Channel Tracking QTY. 19

This list of items will help you setup a small area of curtain track. You can find all of the items for this curtain tracking at on there Curtain Track System Page.

You can find this information at


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