CERDAK Bio-Ceramic Wound Treatment Devices

Carborundum Universal Ltd (CUMI) a leader in the abrasives and ceramics market, has gone into the Bio-ceramics vertical with Cerdak wound treatment devices.

CERDAK Bio-Ceramic Wound Treatment Devices

There are a few different types of Cerdak sachets with different features to them. Cerdak Basic are sachets without adhesives. Cerdak Aerocloth are sachets mounted on non-woven fabric adhesives. Cerdak aerofilm are sachetes mounted on waterproof transparent adhesive films. All of these products are top of the line wound care solutions.

Cerdak BasicCerdak AeroclothCerdak AerofilmCerdak Drydocs
Cerdak is a microporous ceramic that expels off excess wound discharge (fluid produced in the wound) and locks it into the ceramic by high capillary suction power. Thus, Cerdak is able to create an optimal environment for the nature to cascade its genetically pre-programmed tendency to heal the wound.
Cerdak also supplies a few other top of the line wound resources which contains to the Cerdak Digitip, and Cerdak Cavity.
Cerdak Digitip
The Digitip works perfectly for any finger injury. This bandage style has never been easier to securely wrap around your finger.
The Cerdak Cavity works well for bedsores and large cavity wounds


CERDAK Bio-Ceramic Wound Treatment Devices truly work. They are some of the best and easiest wound treatment devices on the market today. Find more about these products at Cerdaks Website.

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