Bariatric Equipment

Bariatric equipment is equipment and supplies that are designed for larger or obese patients. Most equipment defined as bariatric has a 300+ pound weight limit, with many of the items we sell having as much as 900-pound weight limits or more.

We have a large selection of bariatric supplies for sale, including heavy-duty wheelchairs, heavy-duty walkers, …


National Institutes of Health (NIH) Stroke Scale

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Stroke Scale

The stroke scale items should be presented in order and the score should be reported after each numbered category has been assessed. The score should be based on the patient’s actual performance and what is witnessed by the examiner. This Stroke Scale is brought to you by

1a. Level …

nursing buttons
Information / Instructions


For nurses, getting ready everyday could be as monotonous and boring by dressing up with the same uniform, same nursing scrubs and clogs and the same simple plain look since the profession demands to be like that. Nurses can change their outlook every day by wearing a bit of accessories that give a professional touch. …

Medical Scrub Uniform

Medical Scrub Uniforms Help Communication Between Nurses And Patients

The nursing profession demands you to be a flawless person in order to help your patients in their recovery. For this purpose, a nurse should have good communication skills to cope with all types of patients all day long. Medical scrub uniforms can actually affect communication. The importance of communication in the field of nursing …

MRI Tools

Non-Magnetic and Aluminum MRI Tools

Non-Magnetic and Aluminum MRI Tools are necessary in any MRI suite. Perfect for maintaining any MRI facility, MRI Tools are what you need to get any job done inside the MRI suite. Each area of the medical workplace requires maintenance and MRI suites are no exception. In MRI rooms it is important to have non-magnetic hand …


Hospital Curtain Track and Hospital Curtains

Hospital Curtain Track and Hospital Curtains are a necessity. Hospital Curtain Track and Hospital Curtains are perfect dividers for any environment.

Hospital Curtain Track

Hospital curtain track has multiple applications. They are used in many facilities for a multitude of reasons. Hospital curtain tracking carries hospital curtains, dividing any area for any necessary reason. You can find …

Wheelchair Parts Catalog

Wheelchair Parts Catalog has dropped their pricing throughout their entire website. You can now request a Wheelchair Parts Catalog right on their website. pricing was already the lowest pricing you could find. Lowering their pricing even more was done so anyone could request a wheelchair parts catalog to look threw and find the right prices on …

non magnetic toolkit

Non Magnetic Toolkit – SAE – Metric

The non-magnetic mri toolkit that we are featuring have been tested to meet the requirements by the US Government. These Government approved non-magnetic hand tools are are spark free as well as non-magnetic and MRI compliant.

Non Magnetic Toolkit

Featuring Waterproof Case 5″ Deep is injection molded and utilizes ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin. Features a gasketed, water-tight …

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