Disposable Medical Products Line

Disposable Medical Products Line is made up of a lot of different types of medical products, including surgical masks, gowns, and gloves.

Ocelcos Disposable Medical Products Line

Nurse Caps O.R., 24″ are designed to provide effective protection against dirt, moisture, and contaminants in a variety of medical settings. The caps are constructed from lightweight, non-woven material and …


Emergency Medical Line of Equipment

Emergency Medical Line of Equipment is made up of convenient, easy-to-use, and efficient supplies designed to treat a variety of emergencies.

Ocelco’s Emergency Medical Line of Equipment

Hiker’s First Aid Kit has all the essentials at your fingertips with the hikers first aid kit. The fanny pack allows for quick access to your first aid supplies and …


Bariatric Complete line of Equipment

Bariatric Complete line of Equipment was designed with comfort in mind, durability and support built to last a life time.

Our Bariatric Complete line of Equipment

Bariatric Knee Walker are a heavy duty, tipping resistant alternative to crutches. Its sturdy steel frame and fixed steering are ready to assist you in getting wherever you need to …


Walking support complete line of equipment

Walking support are several devices a patient may be issued in order to improve their walking pattern, balance, or safety.

Our Walking Aids

Leo the Lion cane is a silver lions head handle that is handsomely mounted on a beechwood shaft set off smartly with a silver collar. The shaft is 36″ and tapers from 3/4″ …


Ocelco’s Top Featured Products

Ocelco’s top featured products offers a variety of quality products that you can use everyday such as pill crushers, stools, and commodes.

Ocelco’s top featured products

Metal Pill Crusher Perfect for pills, the Pill Crusher is a handheld, metal tool that easily reduces pills or tablets to a fine powder. The Pill Crusher is strong enough for …


MRI Scan Band Equipment Ultimate Guide

MRI Scan Band equipment is made up of many different pieces of equipment aswell as accessories that make up your machine.

MRI’s Scan Band Equipment.

MRI Scan Bands 2 Band Set with cording attachments that utilize the existing OEM channels along the length of the imaging table. This cording is an easy and convenient way to free …


Pill Management Equipment Ultimate Guide

Pill management equipment are designed to make your life easier while using medication. Get a better grip on your daily medication routine.

Our Pill management Equipment.

Metal Pill Crushers easily reduce pills to powder, strong enough for institutional use, perfect for hospitals, nursing home, and pharmacies. Construction of the die-cast Metal Pill Crusher embodies chrome die-cast components …


Mobile Patient stairlifts and transfer devices

Mobile patient stairlifts and transfer devices are designed to provide a safer solution for emergency professionals.

Our mobile patient stairlifts and transfer devices.

Freedom transfer patient lift is a patient transfer device that provides a convenient and secure way to transport patients with limited mobility around their home or care facility. It’s highly versatile and durable, comfortable …


Ocelco’s Best Selling Products

Ocelco’s best-selling products consist of Knee scooters, Exam gloves, Covid tests, and Suction pump aspirators. These are top seller products.

Our best selling equipment!

Foldable Seated Knee Scooter are proven, durable mobility aid that provides maximum mobility for a full range of foot, ankle, knee, and leg injuries. This scooter keeps the injured leg cradled and elevated …


MRI Safety Equipment & tools

MRI Safety Equipment are making your MRI environment a safer place including safety sign stickers and stickers to MRI safe fire extinguishers.

Our MRI safety equipment

MRI Screening Magnet  has been specially designed by experienced clinical and research MR practitioners and leaders in the field of MR safety to meet the needs of busy MR sites. Magnetic …


Medical Respiratory Equipment

Medical Respiratory equipment is designed to deliver aerosol medication therapy effectively with clinical accuracy for patients who need medicine

Our medical respiratory equipment

Drop Cool Mist helps get relief from cold and flu-like symptoms and brings wellness to your entire family in style with a Crane Top Fill Drop Humidifier with Sound Machine. With an award-winning …


MRI Ferromagnetic Detection Systems

MRI ferromagnetic detection Ferromagnetic Detection Systems are a highly important part of your MRI environment. Great for detection.

Our MRI ferromagnetic detection equipment.

FerrAlert HALO II Plus Ferromagnetic Detection System is one of the best detectors to protect the MRI suite.  FerrAlert leading edge technology provides the most reliable detection and prevention of ferromagnetic threats from …

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